5 Reasons To Choose Us

We only use properly licensed music to create your wedding film. This ensures your video will not get pulled from the internet for containing popular songs that are protected by DMRA copyrights. With the advent of Facebook, YouTube and other video sharing sites, recording artists or their labels have been ordering more and more videos to be taken down for copyright infringement and suing the companies that created them! For your protection and ours, we follow the law.

We take filming your wedding seriously so we don’t just leave things to chance. Some venues require vendors to carry liability insurance. Rest assured that we are fully insured and licensed by the state of Florida. We can provide our business license and proof of insurance on request.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. We get that and will work hard to create a lasting memory for you to share for years to come. We use high resolution videography cameras and audio recorders and with ninja-like stealth we are everywhere recording everything. We will spend hours after your wedding pouring over all of the footage, carefully editing all of the clips, audio and music together to create a film we are proud to put our stamp on.

We approach each wedding with the vision of creating an emotional and magical movie that is as interesting as you are. Every film is color graded to high standards, edited with finesse and great effort goes into making each wedding video a true film. We focus on the intimate details as well as the grand moments and use creative storytelling techniques to make an amazing film that captures your unique story and the magic of your special day. 

We don't use a formula, we get to know the bride and groom to create a unique story that is true to the couple's personality. We take the time to meet and get to know our couples before wedding day for a more personal and meaningful experience. 

Licensed Music
Insured Videographers
Uncompromising Quality
Custom Creations
We're Super Friendly!

Congratulations on your engagement!  

If you like what you see here, call or text us at (727) 482-9988 or send us a question in this email form and we will get in touch soon. We can't wait to meet you and tell your story!

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