Congratulations on Your Engagement!

We are Steve & Kat, videographers, visual storytellers, husband & wife team. We truly enjoy capturing special days of all kinds but we absolutely love weddings!


“I love a good love story” – said no guy ever! Well I’m a little different. I’ve always been a bit of a romantic and before I met my lovely wife Kat, I was a wedding DJ. As a wedding DJ, I loved being a part of a couple’s big day and helping to make it special for them. I met Kat at my day job. We had a wedding of our own and have since raised 3 wonderful kids. Along the way, we both developed a love of photography but I always had the video camera. I tried to make our family videos look like blockbuster films which ultimately spilled over into the cinematic style of wedding videography we do today.


Kat loves being behind a camera as well. When a project requires extra cameras, she is the woman for the job. In addition to being an awesome videographer, she has great creative vision. She uses her womanly powers to position items just right for the detail shots to create a great looking shot. During editing, she works with me and makes suggestions that improve the story and make a better film. Her creative side doesn't stop with photography. When she is not "with camera" you can often find her in the garage making something out of wood or in the yard re-doing the landscaping... again!

We live and work in the Tampa Bay area and created SK Videography as a way to channel our passion and capture the beautiful love stories around us. We love what we do and it would be a privilege to capture your wedding, your legacy to share with your friends and family. We know the value of having a video of your big day and we want to be the team that makes yours!

Why A Wedding Film is

Just as Important as Your Photos


Video captures movement and sound

Photos can capture a moment in time and are wonderful to have. Your photographer is normally one of the first three vendors booked for a wedding. But if you only have photographs of your wedding, your missing the big picture! You won't hear the inspiring toast the best man made or see the crazy dance your best friend did. With a wedding film you will see and hear your fiance reading your love letter, reciting his vows or see the anticipation waiting for the first look. You will hear the funny remark your officiant made during the reading and everyone's laughter. You will even see things you missed while you were busy. You get none of that with photographs.


Modern wedding films are amazing

If your parent's have a wedding video, it is likely over 2 hours long and consists of sudden jerky movements, shots of the floor, poor video quality, audio that can barely be heard and long sections of boring footage. These days videographers use high-def 4k cameras, professional audio gear and stabilization equipment to capture rock solid audio and video. We also have fierce software editing skills and use them to assemble a short Hollywood style highlight film with background music and voice over audio to tell the story of one of the most important days of your lives. 


You will regret it if you don't budget for a wedding video

Google it and you will find the number one regret brides have after their wedding is not hiring a videographer. Once the day is gone, you can't get it back. One of the best things about a wedding day film is that all of your friends and family will be there and your video will capture important family members that may be gone in a few years. Sure you could have a friend or relative record your wedding on their iphone or camcorder but trust us, the end experience will be very disappointing. They do not have the skill and equipment necessary to create the type of wedding video you deserve.


Wedding highlight videos are easy to watch and share

With today's technology, a simple click will enable you to share your video with anyone with a phone, tablet or computer. Those that attended your wedding will be amazed to see the whole day condensed into less than 10 minutes and friends and family that couldn't be there will feel like they were! Your future children and grandchildren will have fun seeing your younger selves on your biggest day. Some brides or grooms think they look silly on video. Many couples think they will only watch their video once. Most quickly find out they will watch it at least every year on their anniversary and sometimes more!


Professional wedding videos aren't as expensive as you think

Compared to the cost of venues, caterers and photographers, a wedding video doesn't cost as much as you might think. We offer 3 different packages to fit different budgets and can create a custom package just for you if needed. If your budget is tight, you might consider cutting corners on things that won't last past the day like wedding favors, flowers or even a smaller cake. If you have to make sacrifices, we think it's much more important to capture the memories of your special day rather than splurge on things that won't make a difference later.

One of our 5 star Google reviews:

"My husband and I were beyond thrilled with the way our video turned out. We've received comments such as its 'like watching a movie' and 'this has so much emotion it made us cry'. Steve and Kat are nothing short of cinematic professionals. They were very easy to work with and so accommodating. We highly recommend them!"

~Mr. & Mrs Michael Seanor

Our Wedding Film Packages

According to the 2020 Wedding Wire report, couples spend an average of $1800 for their wedding film. None of them regretted it!
The Classic

Includes filming of your ceremony with 2 cameras. We will include detail shots of the venue, decorations etc. Vows, readings and any speeches will be recorded with professional audio gear. Documentary style editing of footage and hosting of the video on the internet.

The Deluxe

With this package you get the whole enchilada! We will be there all day to capture all of the special moments with 2 videographers. We will have 3 - 4 cameras at your ceremony to capture multiple angles of the activities. You will get two films with this package. The highlight film and a full length family edit, up to one hour in length, that includes the entire ceremony and extended footage of the reception! Internet hosting for both films. 

We will film everything from getting ready all the way through the reception with 1-2 videographers. This includes drone footage of the venue site, when possible, the photo session and filming of the details. We will edit the footage into a 5 - 8 minute cinematic style music video that showcases the highlights of the day. Perfect for sharing with friends and family. Video file hosted on the internet.

The Highlight Film
The Elopement

Unlike traditional weddings, elopement videos can cover a wide spectrum. From a simple celebration film of just the two of you to a highlight film of the day or weekend with close friends. Elopements can be filmed with a single camera or multiple cameras including a drone. All elopement films include professional audio capture as well and hosting of the video on the internet.

We are happy to create a custom package for you as well!
Package Add-Ons

  • Love Story video - $300

  • Additional filming time on Ceremony package - $100​/hour

  • Commemorative USB box set - $35 (see sample)

  • Video Album - $80 (see sample)


Congratulations on your engagement!  

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